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Let us know who you are and what you're looking for below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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3D product configurator software with manufacturing workflows

With the TwikBot cloud platform, brands can display their product portfolio online in a 3D user experience. Customers can configure, preview, and order a unique product. For each order, production files are created and prepared for manufacturing.

Sell like never before

With Twikit, brands can generate higher conversion rates and better margins, managed from one single platform. In a matter of days, you bring an exceptional customer experience with outstanding real-time 3D visualization online in your digital environment. 

End-to-end workflows for product configuration

1. Visualize products in 3D

A branded front-end experience that visualizes your products in the cloud and closes the imagination gap. Let customers easily configure products through an intuitive 3D interface.
Visualization workflow - image
Order management - image

2. Sell and manage orders

The platform enables smooth order management through automatically generated production files. Making it almost effortless to process orders, track them, and scale both sales and production.
Order management - image

3. Connect to your manufacturing flows

The platform integrates seamlessly with MES and ERP systems, connecting all the dots in a digital manufacturing workflow, facilitating a flawless chain. Generate production files and briefings for technologies such as 2D printing, lasercutting, CNC milling, 3D printing and more.
Manufacturing workflow - image

Discover TwikBot 5

This brand new update is the culmination of 10 years of experience in advanced product configuration for global brands, tackling the most common challenges they face: reducing costs and time to market, reducing manufacturing complexity, facilitating scalability and anticipating large order volumes of unique product configurations composed from large catalogues of SKU’s.
TwikBot 5 - image

The leading cloud platform for product configuration

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Customer stories

Discover our dedication through the experiences and testimonials of our valued customers.

"Twikit's virtual showroom really delivers. It makes the necessity of a physical showroom for Anyway Doors completely obsolete.

Koen Dries
Anyway Doors

Koen Dries

Managing director

"Twikit was instrumental in future proofing Renault's customization strategy, from concept to execution."

Melanie Cheve

Mélanie Chevé 

Additive Manufacturing Specialist

"I would like to thank Twikit for their great contribution to our Game Fit Platform for custom helmets and goalie masks."

Jean Francois Laperriere

Jean-Francois Laperriere

Senior Director

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