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Let us know who you are and what you're looking for below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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A perfectly fitting helmet based on 3D-scans

The essential qualities of any helmet are protection and fit. It should keep you safe while not being uncomfortable and prohibiting you from your best possible performance. That is why the best-fitting helmet is one made especially for you. One-of-a-kind. Given the advances in 3D scanningparametric design software, and digital manufacturing techniques, the competitive edge for helmet brands is up for grabs.


Bauer is a leading brand In custom-fit helmets.

Personalizing the product & the experience

Personalization is a long-term strategy that results in true success for brands. Personalizing the customer experience throughout the buying process keeps people engaged and increases brand loyalty. Especially regarding sportswear and gear, regular products have become less noticeable. Thanks to technological advancements such as 3D scanning and mass customization software, brands can offer their clientele hyper-personalized products through a seamlessly automated workflow.

Read more about sports gear and customization here. Continue reading to find out more about customization for helmets.

Add value through customization

Helmets for sports such as hockey, skiing & snowboarding, and biking are products that will increase in value through personalization. It is an item where fit really makes a difference when it comes to comfort and performance. This added value justifies premium prices, returning the favor to the manufacturers. With the technologies available, it is an excellent opportunity for helmet brands to explore and start offering personalized products – custom-fit to every customer.

The inside of a helmet is 3D-printed to fit a 3D-scan of a head.

Create a custom-fit helmet through a few easy steps

We all know the feeling when there is just something not sitting right when wearing a helmet. Too much or even too little pressure at some points, giving you a headache, or you feel like it doesn’t fit well enough to protect you when necessary. Some sizes and shapes offered by brands may fit well enough, but they will rarely fit perfectly. A custom-fitted helmet will.

1, 2, 3..

Based on a 3D scan of your head (taking two minutes of your time), a 3D model of the helmet is morphed around the scan within the personalization platform. You can adjust functional and aesthetic parameters to create your ideal helmet, and just like that, the production-ready file is sent to manufacturing.

Upload the 3D scan onto the platform to make functional & aesthetic adjustments.

Lightweight lattice structures

If you choose 3D printing, being the helmet manufacturer, the inner padding of the helmet can be printed with a lattice infill. It will not only mimic the outer shape of the 3D scan but also provide a significantly more lightweight wearable. This approach results in an incredibly fitting and feeling helmet, regardless of activity. Read more about our personalized lattice tool here.

Offer personalized helmets through an automated workflow & win

With the trend of personalization catching on in the consumer and sports gear industry and the technology enabling a digital and automated process, helmet brands should get ahead and join the race. Including custom-fit helmets in business strategies sets brands apart and offers them long-term advantages regarding customer experience and differentiation from competitors.

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