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Bauer Hockey introduces the game fit app with Twikit

With 80 years of experience, Bauer is a top-tier engineer and manufacturer of ice hockey equipment. They aim for high-performance products that exceed customer expectations. With the support of Twikit, they have now launched the Game Fit app for helmets: making “fit” a new factor in performance.   

Game fit - Blog image 1
Bauer is bringing the personalized fitting experience to a retail environment.

Seizing the opportunity for personalization 

The Canadian company is the leading brand for products such as sticks, gloves, pads, skates, base layers, and helmets. With a strong focus on innovation in product development, Bauer realized the advancements in personalization software and the opportunity it creates for a strong and influential customer experience in a retail environment. That is when they connected with Twikit.  

Product, brand, and buying experience 

With competing brands, what keeps a customer satisfied is not only the product experience but also the brand and buying experience. Companies must think outside of an intricately engineered product and put themselves in the shoes of a customer. How do you connect with your target audience, and how can you improve the experience from beginning to end? 

Game fit - Blog image 2

The Bauer fit recommendation app is made for goalie and player helmets.

Maximizing the product’s performance 

With Twikit, Bauer enables the customer to get the most out of their performance by assisting them in choosing a perfectly fitting helmet that matches their preferences. It gives them a tool to choose the better size and type of helmet. As a result, they will be more satisfied with the product, and happy customers are also loyal customers. It is a win-win for both the brand and the end consumer.  

Sports gear & personalization software: Game Fit app 

The final product of this exciting collaboration between Bauer Hockey and Twikit is an intuitive app that supports the customer’s decision-making process. The Game Fit app aims to ensure a better fit which will ultimately lead to better performance.  

Receive your best-fit recommendations

What does the Game Fit experience look like? 

  • The journey starts with visiting a retailer nearby. The salesperson will open the app on a tablet and ask the customer if they need a player or goalie helmet. 
  • Next, the customer must answer a few defining questions that decide the type of helmet suggested: name, age, player experience, key performance attributes, and hair thickness. 
  • The last and most important step is the 3D scan. The salesperson uses the Ipad with a 3D scanner mounted on the device and performs the 3D scan of the customer’s head. Based on this biometric data, the app learns the exact measurements. As a result, the size recommendation will be precise and reliable. 

Following these few easy steps, the app recommends the best fit and type of helmet for the player. For each helmet, key characteristics are shown. Instead of wandering around the retailer looking for the perfect helmet, the customer is supported each step of the way.   

A more & more personal shopping experience 

The Game Fit app enables Bauer to create a deeper connection between the consumer and their products while maximizing the product’s performance through the best possible fit. It is a meaningful step towards personalization in a physical retail environment.  

While the actual product is not yet custom to the consumer, the experience is. It is an entryway into the possibilities of easy-to-use personalization software and digital manufacturing. Bauer will continue to explore the opportunities that lie in the opportunity that our platform offers, together with Twikit. 

For more information on personalized customer experiences through an end-to-end design automation platform, connect with us!  

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