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Hyper-customization in the gaming industry

Once relegated to dimly lit corners, gamers have emerged as the new rockstars of the digital age. As professional gamers ascend to celebrity status, the world of gaming peripherals has witnessed a remarkable transformation.  

Gamers are the new rockstars of the digital age

It’s no longer just about the raw power and precision of the equipment; it’s about making a statement of your very own identity. Enter esthetical customization, turning gaming peripherals into personalized works of art that command attention on and off the virtual battlefield. 

Product customization is a global trend, much wider spread than the gaming hardware industry. Generally, and cross-industry speaking, more than 50% of consumers desire customized products.

  • 41% of consumers are attracted by the idea of buying a unique product.
  • 34% state that of-the-shelf products do not meet their expectations.
  • 32% indicate they would love to design something themselves (cfr. Gamification).
  • 28% say that personalized products are a perfect way to express their personality.  

(Source: Deloitte, The Deloitte Consumer Review – multiple editions) 

Yet, the gaming universe seems to be captivated above average by hyper-customization. Proof of this is the variety of aftermarket customization shops, the add-ons (such as earbuds on headphones) and the diversity of options (colors/patterns/limited editions) offered for sale. 

Online sales

It goes without saying that video gamers are mostly digital natives, and thus their prime marketplace is the internet. In this specific customer journey, it is vital to inspire customers with a unique offering – products are an extension of their personal identity. Hyper-customization can be the edge for a brand to do so. Whatever your customers prefer, Twikit provides the tools and expertise to bring that vision to life.   

Unique product configuration 

Offering customers the opportunity to create their own unique product requires 2 critical elements from brands: offering the right customization features (understanding what customers truly desire) and the perfect user experience to convert the sale. Various brand do offer amazing customization, but too often a disappointing product configurator is the party-pooper. Don’t worry, we won’t mention yours if you feel addressed.  

With Twikit, you have a wide range of possibilities to offer the best customer experience. Customers can create a design that truly represents their style through a dynamic, 360° rotatable, configurator – fully embedded in your environment.  

The possibilities are endless: from decal customization (stickering) to express yourself with bold patterns or minimalist elegance in the colours of your choice, to foiling for those who seek a touch of luxury and sophistication or changing the shape of your device to achieve a perfect fit for all those hours in the gaming-universe.  

In other words: anything to let gaming hardware become a stunning reflection of personal creativity.

Design automation for digital manufacturing 

Selling hundreds of thousands of unique products sounds like the ultimate dream for marketeers and sales professionals, because it is a way to really differentiate as a brand and to upsell at great margins.  

For manufacturing and operations, it might sound a little different. Yet, design automation and a seamless connection to digital manufacturing take away the complexity. It allows brands to offer hyper-customization, at scale and on-demand.  

Once an order is placed, the production files for the unique configuration are automatically generated and linked to the order. In other words: no physical handling, but design automation.  

The production files are then automatically shared with the digital manufacturing facilities (internal or external) to finalize the product. Full traceability is guaranteed, and the operational complexity is close to zero.  


With the rise of aesthetical customization, gaming peripherals have become more than just functional products. Your brand can empower buyers to transform their hardware into personalized works of art. Whatever your customers prefer, Twikit provides the tools and expertise to bring that vision to life.  

Are you the person that will bring your brand to the new era of individually customized products?  

 Below are two examples of a configuration setup. As you can see, the design of the mouse was limited to printed elements. The headphone setup shows how also specific hardware components can be modified. The possibilities are endless. 

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