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Let us know who you are and what you're looking for below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Mass customization for interior design

PortaPivot has a worldwide customer base and is a leading innovator in high-end architectural hardware for custom interior doors. Their philosophy is to combine their strength and knowledge in technology, engineering, and design with craftsmanship. PortaPivot recently introduced an on-demand business model making the switch to a completely digital manufacturing flow.   

Twikit’s involvement with PortaPivot has led to yet another addition to their value proposition. PortaPivot differentiates itself through its innovative and patented pivot hinge system, Stealthpivot®. With the support of the Twikit technology, they also offer a valuable customer experience through customization.   

When ordering a customized door or partition via the webshop, the product is delivered as a self-assembly kit with the appropriate hardware and installation accessories. The installer is PortaPivot’s most important client; they place the customized door or partition in the end-customer’s home. By manufacturing aluminum profiles for the client’s desired setup, PortaPivot delivers a smart and aesthetic interior door or partition solution for any professional.  

Infinite customization possibilities

A great advantage to the PortaPivot product range is that it is custom-made. With the Twikit technology support, PortaPivot offers professionals interior doors and fixed partitions, which are endlessly customizable.   

The Twikit technology was applied to create a high-end virtual showroom based on the PortaPivot website’s design. It is completely integrated into the PortaPivot digital space, which adds to the branding and unique customer experience. The showroom provides visitors with the opportunity to create and design their own interior doors or partitions. You can custom order up to 40 different product types, with more in the pipeline. The Twikit technology provides PortaPivot the option to scale when more products are added to their custom assortment. 

Customization based on parametric models

Each product has countless customization options based on parametric models. To make it more tangible (and we actually did the math), the PortaPivot 5730 interior door alone has 300 quintillion possible variations. These vary from alterations such as dimensions and color to pivot hinge placement, handles, and grid design, to name a few. PortaPivot’s clients can make the customizable door their own design or adjust it to their own customers’ wishes.   

Improved customer experience  

When visiting the PortaPivot configurator built by Twikit, you can notice small but significant details that improve the customer experience:   

  • Different views of the interior door: closed or open towards the out- or inside 
  • The possibility of viewing the dimensions in millimeters or inches 
  • Placing a human reference next to the door to create perspective

By adding details such as the option to set the measurements to the metric or imperial system, Twikit adjusted the configurator to the international market that PortaPivots serves. Anyone can visit the virtual showroom and become a PortaPivot client, regardless of where they are situated or local time. 

On top of that, below the configuration window, a dynamic price appears. This allows the client to design a custom-made PortaPivot product while seeing the price being adjusted to the configured setup. Hence, the professional can mind their client’s budget while designing—an added value for professionals.    

Production flow integration

Twikit also assisted in the flawless integration of the customizable product range into PortaPivot’s pre-existing production flow through the Twikit technology implementation. The Twikit customization platform holds a rich set of features set to connect to a production flow. Thus, when an order is placed via the configurator, the Twikit software solution transmits the parameters in a structured manner. The manufacturing order contains all the necessary data for production and for managing logistics when sent to an order management system. As a result, Twikit ensures that mass customization is efficient and an added value for both provider and consumer. It allows PortaPivot to handle high-volume orders continuously 

Consumers search for customization online

Consumers start their search for customization online. Therefore, it is important to create an online presence and a digital platform for your custom product. Together with Twikit, PortaPivot innovated and moved towards new opportunities in the market. They focused on offering a unique customer experience and adding value to their high-end product through customization whilst still serving an international market.    

Custom solutions for every business model

As customer behavior develops and people turn more to digital points of purchase, consumer-oriented businesses must adapt. They must revise and refresh their business model to fit new industry developments. Implementing an online platform for product customization and switching to a digital manufacturing flow is a valuable solution. With Twikit technology, tapping into custom-products and offering more value to your customers is a logical and simple step. The software can be adjusted to fit your existing supply chain, or the Twikit solutions can assist with the shift to an efficient and cost-effective digital production flow. There is a solution for every business model. Let’s make everything personal.  

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